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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sri Shirdi Sai Mandir Sai Nagar-Banglore.

Author Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on 5:49 AM
Dear all,
Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day .
With selfless seva bhav again Rama Rao ji has collected details of another Baba's blessed temple from Banglore and forwarded it me to share with one and all across the globe.Earlier Sai temple Roopen Agrahara and details of Shivamma Thayee also sent by Rama Rao Ji and I cannot express my gratitude to him in words for helping me spread about Shirdi Sai Baba temple details,I can only express by praying to Baba to bless him abundantly and keep HIS Karuna drishti on him and his family always.

I would request devotees who ever wish to share details of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple near their place of living or in their city are most welcome and can mail me at this ID .Jai Sai Ram .
It gives me immense pleasure to introduce another temple of BABA situated at Sai Nagar,Bangalore.

Brief detail about Temple:

The land for this temple was donated by A.Gopala reddy garu,A.Srinivasa Reddy garu,&A.Nagaraj reddy garu in memory of their parents Abbaiah reddy garu and Narayanamma garu.
Founder & Manging trustee is Sri J.M.Rajanna Setty

Priest Mnjunath garu was kind enough to show me the different parts of the temple and give me the pamphlet. The details of the temple taken from the pamphlet :

As per the wish of Lord Shirdi sai Baba , a foundation stone was laid in a site measuring 50X100 Ft situated at Survey no 56 of Munnekolala village,Kundanahalli gate,Bangalore for the construction of 'SAI MANDIR"on 13-10-2005,vijayadasami day.

The trust was registered and all the trustees have dedicated and contributed for the construction of the temple,and the temple building was built beautifully with good architecture .

Functions were celebrated at the temple premises on the vijayadasami day of 2006 & 2007 , incidentally which is the samadhi day of Shirdi Sai Baba. The idol of BABA arrived at Mandir on vijayadasami day in 2007 from Jaipur.

The Shirdi Sai Mandir has three floors.Lord Ganapathi temple Lord Dattathreya temple and meditation hall are in the groungd floor .

Dhini and saikoti are in the meditation hall. Saikoti is a structure with 4 walls which are built to a height of 12 feet .It was filled with soil brought from Shirdi and with Saikoti(writing Sairam) written on panchalohams(Gold plate,Silver plate,copper plate, brass plate,and Iron plate) and also the note books with Sai namam. This structure extends up to first floor.

Upon this Saikoti, Lord SAI BABA's Prathima was installed,so as to touch the foot of BABA to the floor to get the vibrations/positive power.

The first floor is a big hall which has BABA's samadhi,over which BABA's Prathima and Padamulu (holy feet)were installed.

There is a Pallaki in which BABA's prathima is there. In the second floor, there are three peetas .They are called Dattathreya peetam (9 Feet height) ,Dakshina Murthy peetam (18 feet height),and Sai Peetam(36 feet height).

You find this kind of Peetams only in this temple world over. All the peetams are decorated with Gold plated Kalasas with 2 numbers of two and half feet and one number of 3 feet. Kumbhabhishekam was performed on 9-10-2008 (vijayadasami day).

As per the wish and order of Sai Baba,Temple was inaugurated ,prama prathista of sai baba,Ganapathi & Dattathreya and Kumbhabhishekam were performed from 5th to 9th of October 2008.

Leela of Baba :

It is a wonder to note that it rained heavily on the day of installation of prathima of BABA on 6-10-08 and a garuda made three rounds on the sanctum sanctorum on the day of installation of Kalasa on 8-10-08.It rained for about 2 minutes after the prana prathista and distribution of Prasaadam. It is referred to this kind of phenomena as "Pushpavrusti" in Vedas. By virtue of all this happenings,this place has become a sacred place.

The development of this area happened with more houses and apartments during the period of construction of the temple .So this area was named as "SHIRDI SAI NAGAR".
The managing trust prays BABA to bless all the devotees.

Temple Address:

Sri Shirdi Sai mandir
Shirdi Sainagar
Kundalahalli Gate

Founder and Managing Trustee:
Sri J.M.Rajanna Setty

ContactNumber of Trustee: 9243106737

Direction:The directions to this place: if one travels on Old air port-marathahalli-white field road(it is also called varathur road) from old port ,there is a signal junction called Kundanahalligate at 1.7 Km s from Maarathahalli bridge signal junction. There we have to take the road towards right. There is a board at the beginning of the road" Sai Nagar 1 KM"At about 1 Km,there we find the board at the 4th right turn showing the direction. There we have to turn right and go a few yards. The temple is there on that road.The distance from old air port is around 7 Kms.


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