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Monday, July 6, 2009

Bhairava Shirdi Sai Baba Temple -Chennai.

Author Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on 1:52 PM
Dear Readers,

Wishing you all a very Happy Gurupurnima,

In order to offer our seva on the auspicious day of Gurupurnima I am posting the details of the Unique Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Chennai "Bhairava Shirdi Sai Baba Temple".The details were collected by Sai sister Ashalatha and her mother(Respected Aunty ji) .We strongly believe that whatever seva we are doing through this blog is blessed by Baba and He is the sole motivator and guidance in our work .

I wish to thank Ashalatha sister deep from my heart for her efforts in sending the details of different Sai temple .May Baba bless her abundantly .Please read the details about temple given below.Jai Sai Ram .Manisha .Rautela.Bisht.

History of Sai temple:

Shirdi Saidasanji is a very staunch devotee of Shirdi SaiBaba. He had the practice of taking darshan of our Shirdi Sai, on the last Thursday of every year. During his visit to Shirdi he used to ask Sai, to bless him with a good and faithful dog. Shirdisaidasanji want to be a faithful dog to Sai. Somehow he was not getting a dog.

In 1978 he had the following dreamwhen he was going along a road on a Wednesday night an old man seeing a tiny dog roaming about without protection in the street asked him to take it and rear it When he was about to take that dog. He realized later that it was in a dream. When he woke up it was Thursday. The same day at about 10 a.m. when he was going to the harbor on official duty a boy (muslim) was taking a ten-days old pup brought from Tibet.

As his religion did not allow him to rear a dog at home he brought it out. Saidasanji was attracted to that dog and was observing it. As he was on official duty he did not know whether to take it with him or not. That boy enquired his address and went to Saidasanji’s house in the evening along with the dog. The boy was not ready to take any payment but Saidasanji gave him Rs.15/-he went saying something which was not clear. From that day onwards that dog, has been growing in his house as one of his children. He loved his pet so much and took it as a gift from our Sainath.
The miracle of Sai does not end with this. The Saidog was a unique one. When he was bathed he looked pure white and then White - in the morning changed to Brown/Golden - in the afternoon and became Ash/Grey - by evening. This color change was a daily change in the Sai dog.
Bhairavar, the dog which was Sri Sai’s gift was being looked after with much care. One day his daughter placed him on slush and photographed him and even the photographs revealed indisputably the change in his color. This dog lived with Sri Saidasan for fourteen years. It refused to mate with dogs of the opposite sex.

In 1987 Saidasanji had to experience some agony. His Sai dog, was bit in the neck by a dog in the neighboring house. He gave it immediate medical attention and applied sacred ash UDI on its neck daily and soon its wound healed and it became normal.

In 1988 Sri Sai baba appeared in Saidasan’s dream and informed him that the dog should not be left uncared for after its life span was over. He ordered Saidasan that a Samadhi should be built over, the spirit of the “Bhairavar” will bless the devotees. Sri Baba informed Saidasan that his statue should be kept over the Samadhi.
In 1990, One day, when the dog, Bhairavar, passed urine, blood had mixed with it, and the bloody urine was stagnant in a place. Saidasanji was shocked. As it was evening the veterinary hospital would not function. He prayed to Sri Sai that the night should be peaceful. He went to another Veterinary hospital (Saidapet) the next morning. It was a Thursday. The doctors told him that his dear dog suffered from a disease which could not be treated there as they had no suitable instruments for surgery. They advised Saidasanji to go to another hospital quite far. (Veterinary Hospital -Vepery).

Bhairavar, the dog was X-rayed to find out whether there were stones in his gall-bladder but the X-ray revealed no such stones. The doctor enquired the age of Bhairavar and when he was told it was 13, the doctor said that no treatment would be beneficial to him. He said that an injection would make him sleep permanently. But Saidasanji was not ready for it he said he had not come this far for the purpose of putting his dear dog to eternal sleep. He said that he is even ready to spend Lakhs of rupees for the recovery of the dog.

Then the doctor said that the dog need to be brought to the hospital every day and need to be given an injection of a mix of Saline, glucose and dextrine. As per the advice of the doctor Saidasanji hired an auto and took the dog everyday to the hospital. Bhairavar did not have any food. Moved very much by the plight of his dear dog, he placed him before the Almighty Sri Sai at the Mylapore temple and prayed to him. A muslim doctor at Saidapet- a place where bhairavar was taken first for treatment gave an injection and cured it to the wonder of all.

By the grace of Sri Sai baba the dog lived for 18 more months. Bhairavar attained siddhi on the 8 the August, a Thursday in 1991 a day of Amirthayogam, Bhairavar, attained the lotus feet of the Almighty Sri Sai Baba. According to the command of Sai Baba, a temple was built for Bhairavar.

In 1993 Saidasanji went to Shirdi and in October when he was on an official trip to Hyderabad he was asking Sai heart to heart, Sai, “Why do you order me to do two kinds of work? How can I build a temple and attend to the office work? With a gracious smile Sri Baba told him,” You need not do anything. I do everything. You sanctify yourself.” He asked Sri Baba what to do. Sai said, “Without seeing anybody take meal once a day and sleep only once a day and meditate on me. Do like this for 45 days”.
According to Sri Sai’s command on November 9, 1993 Saidasanji took a vow in a room upstairs in his house after 8 p.m. and meditated on Sri Sai Baba. It was raining heavily. The wind was strong. Sitting in a room 3 x 4 sq.ft. He told Sri Baba, “I dedicate my body and soul to you. Let everything happen according to your command.

He began meditating. After 30 days he asked Sri Baba whether what he did was correct. “If you feel that I have acted according to your command please come in some form to me and take the food stuff I have in my hand having bengal-gram he uttered the name”Sainatha.” Instantly two squirrels came up running to him and ate the gram that he had in hand and ran back.

Having got Sri Sai’s consent Saidasanji continued his meditation for the rest 15 days and recited “Sri Sai Satcharithra.” He went to meet Kanchi Paramacharya and told him about his vow and meditation on Sri Sai. Reciting the sacred names Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara before the paramacharya he ended his days of vow.

Then the telephone bell rang. Someone at the other end told Saidasanji that he had been ordered to help in the construction of a temple for Sri Sai Baba and for the construction Rs.50 Lakhs was ready. He asked Saidasanji whether he can come and collect. Saidasanji was shocked. He told him that he did not want a single penny and asked him to carry out the project.

The other person said that he had no time for looking after the project and asked Saidasanji to carry out the project and asked him to come to his house. Soon Saidasanji went with another devotee who was the secretary of Bhairava Sai temple trust to that person’s house and sitting in their house in bits of paper amounts ranging from laksh to fifty lakhs serially was written. The secretary picked up a paper it was written Rs.7 lakhs on it. One lakh rupees was donated by the person to Saidasanji as a token advance.

It was undoubtedly a wonderful incident which happened because of Sai’s grace. As ordered by Sri Sai Baba Saidasan donated his only house at Madipakkam for the construction of the Bhairava Sai Mandir.

Mahakumbhabhishekam of the Temple was celebrated on Mar 8th, 1998 –founder MeenakshiSundaramji (Shirdisaidasan)

Special Features of the Temple:
As Sri Baba commanded the founder of the temple that he would like to have Theppotsavam (the image of the Lord Sri Sai Baba being taken round and round on a float in a tank) a small tank was built for the Theppotsavam celebration inside the mandir. The
Theppotsavam days are on Guru Purnima, New Year Day, Sri Rama Navami and the first three days of Navaratri.

This Mandir is in the shape of the Geetha Upadesa Chariot and there are two horses in the sanctum of the temple. The horses are named Shyam and Sundar. The height of the temple is fifty-four feet from the ground level. The tower of the temple has nine Kalasams representing nine planets. A visit to the temple has the effect of warding off the evil effects of the nine Grahas.
The temple has an Anjaneyar flag as in the Geetha Upadesa Ratha. There is a beautiful meditation hall where people of all religions can practice meditation.

The ever-burning fire in this temple (dhuni) was first lit by the original dhuni brought from Shirdi. Before the construction of the temple there were two neem trees in the house-one is for Gurusthan and this is a male tree. Another tree which is now opposite to the Sannidhanam is a female tree.
About Shirdi Saidasan, the founder of the temple:
Shirdi Sai dasan was born on 28.7.1933. He was about to be laid to rest by his parents as he had no movements. Luckily, an old Muslim nurse passed by his house and hearing a commotion and mournful noise came in. Seeing the child still she sensed that it was alive. She informed his grandmother that it was alive. Then she asked his parents to bring hot water in one tub and cold water in another tub. She dipped the child in the hot water first saying “Allah, Allah” and then in the cold water. She did it two or three times like this and the child breathed and began to live.

There is a spiritual link between the lives of Shirdi Sri Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai dasan. After growing up he became a staunch devotee of Sri Sai baba. He has experienced many miracles in his life and even today Sri Sai Baba performs many miracles in his life. Books in tamil and English on Shirdi Saidasan’s spiritual experiences will be available soon in this blog .

All the above informations were shared by the founder Shri. Meenakshisundaramji (ShirdiSaidasanji) to my mother and he also handed over a book written by him -”Sri Shirdi Sai Baba’s Greatness and my experiences as his Staunch devotee”. I had also extracted some details from the same. Our Saimaharaj had blessed Saidasanji with lot of miracles which makes us spell bound when read and by the grace of Sai I would like to share them too with other Sai children as per the wish of Sai.
May Sai be with all of us, bless us and guide us always.

Details of the temple:

Founder and Treasurer
Meenakshi Sundaram(Shirdi Saidasan)

Sai Bhairava Sai temple trust

Mandir timings: (except on Thursdays)
5.30 a.m.-12 noon
5.30 p.m.-9 p.m.

Thursday timings: 5.30 a.m-1.00 p.m.
5.30 p.m.-10 p.m.
Aarati Timings: 6.00 a.m-Kakad
11.30 – Madhyana on Thursdays 12.00
6 .00p.m.-Dhoop
8.30 p.m.-Shej

Festivals celebrated:

Sri Rama Navami
Navaratri-lalitha sahasaranamam-chanting (9 days)
Sai Punyathithi
Diwali-Ganga Snaan-Sai
Hanuman Jayanthi

ANNADHANAM is provided to devotees and poor on daily basis.

MAHAKUMBABHISHEKAM (12 YEARS COMPLETION OF THE TEMPLE) IS PROPOSED TO TAKE PLACE ON JULY 08, 2010. Devotees all over are cordially invited to attend the ceremony and take the blessings of our Lord Bhairava Sai.

Future Projects:

Veda class and community Hall
Home for aged
Prasadalaya for poor people-daily basis.
A cultural school for teaching good behaviour.
Free Home and school long for poor children.
Free Pet clinic.
Yoga class.
Music school for children.
Training school –vocational courses like tailoring, carpentry, driving etc., in order to accomplish all these projects shirdi sai dasan ji is estimating 25 lakhs and has left the proposal at our lotus feet of sainath to bless and grant necessary funds to serve the community.


Shri Bhairava sai temple
Sri sai kripa,
Plot no.6, Bharath nagar main,
Medavakkam high road,
Chennai-600 091.



Website of temple:BhairavaSai

Bus route:

Buses going to Keelkattalai from Saidapet, T. Nagar, Broadway, velachery, (vijay nagar bus stop) Tambaram , devotees also get share auto.

Bus stop:Ganesh nagar-nearest or UTI Bank stop.

Rail route: Reach St.Thomas Mt. and get into buses proceeding towards Keelkattalai.

P.S: Dear readers,the photo's attached here are of not very high quality they are still good to have Darshan of Bhairava Sai Baba.


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Unknown on July 16, 2009 at 4:10 PM said...

Thanks for letting us know of this temple I hope with the grace of Baba we can visit this place
Jai Sai Nath

Anonymous said...

om sai shri sai jai jai sai sarvantaryami sairam, sai ram sai ram,ek naam sundar ram, shirdi sai,dwarka mai sarvantaryami sai ram

Unknown on July 1, 2015 at 6:55 AM said...

sab ka malik ek hai. jai sai ram.. from hanuman chalisa

Unknown on October 26, 2017 at 3:59 AM said...

Jai Sainath! His blessings are required in this Kaiyuga so that we get peace of mind, good health and prosperity!

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