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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shirdi Sai Brindavan Temple-Hyderabad.

Author Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on 2:51 AM

Sairam Dear all
Wishing you all a very Happy Baba's day and Happy Thursday
The seva to collect details of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple across the globe for benefit of all Sai devotees ,is getting easier and easier as details of different temples are being recieved from devotees voluntarily .I wish to thank all those who has helped in bringing the information to the blog .

I request other devotees to share the information of Shirdi Sai Baba temple around them at my mail ID .Sai devotee Reena ji from US has sent the following details of Shirdi Sai Brindavan-Hyderabad .Please read the mail below and details of Sai temple.Jai Sai Ram .
Dear Manishaji,
Sai Ram. I wanted to ask you for another favor.There is a Sai Baba temple in Hyderabad at a place called Deshmukhi- Andhra Pardesh. Over a span of 7-8 years, this temple has grown in size, in terms of Baba's miracles, devotees flocking from different places, regular dhuni pooja etc. We have a brochure in our place and we are currently putting it up in Sai Baba temples in the US. I was wondering if it is possible to put this on your blog (publish it on your blog too). Since the readers of your blog are spread out worldwide, your blog would do a wonderful job of informing Sai devotees of existence of such a temple.
Temple Description:

Welcome to the abode of Sri Sainath, Who, by His grace and blessings has transformed 45 acres of vast land located close to Ramoji Film City in Deshmukhi village, Hyderabad in to a pilgrimage. Marked by heart-capturing scenic beauty of beautiful gardens, surrounded by hills, and dotted with water fountains, this place has become known for providing Baba’s bliss, solace and a soothing atmosphere.

Built under the noble guidance of Sri Ghanta Narayana Swamiji, Sai Brindavan is a home to many activities dear to Sai Baba such as Namam (chanting God’s name day and night), Dhupam (lighting incense or joss sticks), and Danam (charity, giving of food, money or clothes to the poor and underprivileged .

It is said that when a devotee has intense faith and devotion in Sai Baba, Baba manifests Himself in some form or the other…and it is here in this place that Sai Baba appeared and gave darshan (appearance) to His devotees .

Temple outlay as-is with idols :

Major highlights of Sai Brindavan :

1.Construction of a 108-ft statue of Sri Sai Baba in Yoga mudra posture in Pancha Loha metal on a 200 ft hill .(As shown in one of the photo above)

2.Construction of a sacred marble temple of Sri Sainath and a Tower of Sai Jyothi (alighted burning forever) will take place on the other two hills .

3.Services such as daily distribution of food and non-stop Sai Sankeerthanams forever starting Aug 8, 2000 have been a hallmark of Sai Brindivan .

4.Free entrance, free food, free shelter and free puja .

5.Non-stop (continuous) chanting of ‘Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai’ all day and night .

6.Performance of Dhuni pooja. Dhuni puja is known to solve problems and difficulties relating to one’s life such as health, job, marriage, children, foreign travel etc.

7.Old-age home to take care of the homeless senior citizens. Not only are these people deriving strength to live happily and peacefully in the quite vicinity but are also learning to grow spiritually .

8.Presence of the three sacred trees such as Medi, Peepul (Raavi) and Neem (Vepa) at one place has its own spiritual significance, creating a positive energy and driving away all ill-effects .

9.Daily Annadanam (feeding) to all the devotees, the poor, and those who come to the Kshetra for Baba’s darshan .

10.Performance of Bhajans, Sai Satyavratham, Palaki seva .

Last but not the least, the founder of the temple and trust, Sri Swamy Ghanta Narayan Swamyji’s hard work and efforts have transformed a vast land into a pilgrimage.

History of the Temple:

The History of Sai Brindavan can be traced back to its founder Sri Ghanta Narayana Swamiji, an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. Having served as a priest of a local temple, Sri Ghanta Narayana Swamiji started to have visions of Sai Baba appearing in his dream. Thus Swamiji, was enrapt completely with such divine experiences with Baba.

Since then, Guruji gave up his job and devoted himself completely to the service of his master Sai Baba. His aim was to put into practice the teachings, instructions and philosophy as advocated by Sai Baba and thus spread the message across.

Often, Baba would communicate and guide through Guruji and those who went to meet him were surprised, elated and contented. Such experiences have made a home in the heart of so many Sai devotees and each has a tale of his share of happiness and success to tell.

Vishwa Shanthi Sai Seva & Prachar Samaj Charitable Trust was thus formed under the noble guidance of Sri Ghanta Narayana Swamiji , who was also its founder. The activities of the Trust grew by the day and these involved summer camps, padayatras, and so on.

On one such night, when Swamiji was fast asleep, he felt the light of strong rays fall upon him. Startled, he woke up and looked around. The light stayed focused on him. He felt a little nervous and unable to understand what was happening, he looked around him and then looked up. What he then saw, perhaps changed the very course of his life.

He saw Sai Baba sakshat dressed in white robe and with a white cloth tied around his head. Unable to comprehend if this was a dream or a reality, he kept staring at Baba and Baba appeared to Him as smiling and blissful. This vision disappeared and he, unable to contain the excitement and restlessness to see Baba again ran out of his room towards the scanty land in front of him.

His eyes fell again on Baba who was now walking away towards the vastland. Swamiji ran after Him, trying to follow and catch another glimpse of Baba. He then saw Baba climbing a hilltop and seated comfortably on a rock. Baba’s form seemed to grow in size, until it appeared to reach the sky and then finally disappeared.

This vision infused mixed feelings of happiness, contentment, untold bliss, restlessness and a gush of positive energy in Swamiji. From then on, started the rigorous trail of building Sai Brindavan and after years of hard work, sincere efforts and Baba’s blessings, what we have in place is not just a Sai Baba temple, but a huge institution which provides service to people in the form of nitya anna daan, shelter and home for the aged, constant chanting of Baba’s name, performance of dhuni pooja etc.

Temple Leelas :

Leelas of Sai Brindavan temple are many. Many got their desires fulfilled; others were blessed with the vision of Sai Baba, and so on. A special peculiarity of this Sai Baba temple is the Dhuni pooja. This is indeed a rare speciality of this temple and by performing this Dhuni pooja, both temporal and spiritual desires are fulfilled.

One leela that makes an impact on mind is as follows….a lady (who appeared more as a grand-mother) carrying her twin-children came for the darshan of Sai Baba at Sai Brindavan. Looking at her effort to carry the children, other devotees commented “if you as a grand-mother are not able to carry the both the children, why don’t you allow their mother to carry them”.

The lady replied that those children were her’s. A few years ago, she lost her twins aged 16 years in some unforeseen accident. Later after that, she visited Sai Brindavan for Sai Baba’s darshan and there, thought to herself that she would perform the Dhuni pooja (she heard from other devotees about the miracles of Dhuni pooja). She prayed to Baba to bless her with children and the twins she was carrying were a gift or Prasad from Baba. Isn’t this leela wonderful?

Festival Celebrated :

Almost all festivals are celebrated here with equal pomp and fervour. Apart from these, daily aartis to Baba, palki seva, special poojas and homams on occasions such as the idol installation anniversaries are performed on a grand scale.

Sevas Rendered by the Temple :

Various services are being performed with the blessings of Sri Sainath. It is a miracle in itself truly that so many people are being fed, clothing and shelter are being provided to the needy, students are being financed for their studies and those who fall under the ‘merit’ category are able to fulfill their dreams of undertaking further studies and so on….

Nitha Annadaan – Daily Distribution of Food

(Picture above is of kitchen and dinning annadanam Bhavan)
Devotees who visit the temple for Baba’s darshan, irrespective of caste and creed or religion are served with food i.e., Baba’s Prasad. This activity was started in August 2000 and has been going on uninterrupted since. From the year 2000 until now, about a crore devotees have been fed without any cost to them.

Shelter to Old-Aged and Orphanages
“Jiska koi nahi uska Sai hai”. True to this saying, Sai Brindavan provides shelter to many old-aged people and orphanages. These people are deriving the strength to live their lives, and also learning to be happy and grow spiritually. As of now, about 140 old aged and orphaned people have been accommodated and all their needs in terms of food, clothing, shelter are being taken care of by the temple trust.

Free Medication

The trust provides medical attention and relevant aid to the poor and needy by experienced doctors. Eye surgeries were also performed in the past. About 6 eye surgeries were performed at free of cost to those people.

Education to the Poor

The Trust provides free education to the needy students by financing them. About 120 students have been benefited through this service so far. Education not only includes the basic form but also higher degrees such as MCA, Engineering, B.Tech. For such needy and aspiring students, the trust has been a major driving force and takes care of their fees, food, clothing and shelter.

Other Services

Other services that are a part of Sai Brindavan include providing clothing to the victims of Orrisa cycle, donating clothes (both through Red Cross Society), facilitating drinking water to the common people during summers and organizing special prayers.

Proposed Projects

Proposed projects for future include:
1.A 108 feet statue of Sai Baba in yogic sleep is proposed to be installed flanking which a marble mandir for Baba and a tower for Sai Jyothi are to be constructed
2.Plans to expand existing facilities for housing old-aged and handicapped people on a large scale

Temple Address:

Location : Sai Brindavan is located on 45 acres of vast land in midst of Engineering colleges,
7 kms north of Bhatasingaram Village, on the way of Vijayawada Highway, close to Ramoji Film City in Deshmukhi Village,Pochampally Mandal, Nalgonda district, Andra Pradesh, INDIA (30 km away from Hyderabad).

Transportation : Regular APSRTC BUS Service from Dilshuknagar to Saibrindavan (up to door steps of the pilgrimage) at 9:30 am, 12:15 pm, 4:30 pm, 7:15 pm . Bus Route No: 463 .
Extra Buses will run on special occasions.

Deshmukhi Village – 508284
Pochampally Mandal, Nalgonda District. A.P

Landline:08685-200360, 200361,
Cell: (+91) 9703330006

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S.V.Swamy on June 18, 2009 at 12:32 AM said...

Sai Ram. Thanks for sharing. Would try to visit the temple soon (I am in Hyderabad). There is a Sai Mandir very near to my house (in Gudi Malkapur area). Will try to send you a write up about the temple with photos soon (after talking to the management there).

I have a suggestion for you. Is it possible to prepare a list of the various Sai temples that you are covering so that one can click and go to the temple of their choice or search for a particular temple?



Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on June 18, 2009 at 2:42 AM said...

Sairam Swamy Ji
Thanks for kind words.I am happy to know that you shall be providing Shirdi Sai Baba temple details of Gudi Malkapur.Baba has HIS own ways .

Regarding list of temple they are all under the archive on left hand upper corner with 2 titles"read temple information posted so far " and "search temple information of your interest " .Devotees can also type in search box and get details of posted temples.

Thanks for your valuable comment .And shall await for Sai temple details from your end.Jai Sai Ram .
warm regards
At the feet of my Sathguru Sai

Anonymous said...



ram mohan reddy

Anonymous said...

Really nice to read the posts about all the sai temples around the world.We get enough informations about the temples.Thanks a lot manishaji for the lovely work you are doin in spreading the sai fame.May baba bless you always with peace and love and good health.OM SAIRAM.LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA:):)

Santosh said...

Nice Post Manishaji.... I was a member of Viswashanthi Sai Seva and Prachar Charitable Trust , who constructed this temple. I feel proud to say that I was one of the member who started the "Non-stop (continuous) chanting of ‘Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai’ all day and night".

Thanks for sharing this info.

Sairam on October 1, 2016 at 9:19 PM said...

I have been to Saibrindaban Deshmukhi Hyderabad. This place is very beautiful and peaceful. Daily annadanam takes place and few old people are also taken care here for free. Please donate for the noble cause to this temple.

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