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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shirdi Sai Baba Temple ShirdiPuram-Banglore.

Author Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on 12:55 PM
Dear Readers
Happy Thursday and Happy Baba's day ,

Todays information on Sai temple had been sent to me almost 2-3 month back by Sai devotee Archana and for no reason it remained pending, where as other information on Shirdi Sai Baba temple kept uploading in the blog .Reasons I cannot fathom ,I can only think that it was Baba's wish that Archana also shares Baba's leela with all along with this information .Devotees can read her Sai leela posted today by clicking Here .

Baba knows everything in advance and He knew well that He will be blessing Archana with HIS grace so that it can be shared with all at the same time when temple information contributed by her will be ready to be posted.It is really amazing to see that both the post are coming up on same day !!! This is nothing but Baba's wish and blessing to her .The information given here is about the leela's that took place in temple and does not cover entire details of the temple,but devotee's can still have quite a handful of information from here about this temple.

I request devotee's residing near by the temple or who have visited this temple ,they can furnish with more details and picture of the temple by mailing me at my ID .The photo attached here are taken by mobile and the resolution is not very high but one can have darshan of our Sainath Maharaj .
Jai Sai Ram .
Sairam Manisha didi,
I shall narrate some leelas of Baba what happened at ShirdiPuram.Please feel free to upload it in your blog .
Archana Jayaseelan
About temple:

It is built by ardent Sai bhakt popularly known as Uncle -named Shekar Raju. He has also constructed 2 other Sai Temples, one at BTM Layout Bangalore, another is at Anekkal, on the outskirts of Bangalore. This temple is at Shirdipuram and is also constructed by the same person.

Few leela's of this temple I shall narrate here:

Leela 1:
It seems, the pujari's daughter, 4 years old, once told her mother that Baba asked has asked her to ask her mother to mend HIS cloth.As there are holes in the dress which HE was adorned with. This girl's mother (pujari's wife) simply ignored this telling, that the dress for Baba was new and just arrived from Bangalore a day before, how can there be holes??

The little girl insisted telling, Baba did tell her in dream and that her mother has to go and stitch. But the pujari's wife again ignored this.

Next day, when the pujari was changing the cloth for Baba, he was very surprised as the cloth which was worn on Baba had some holes on one side.. !!!!!

Leela 2:
One evening, this same girl, was seated at the temple, while pujari ji was adjusting the head cloth (Safa)for Baba.As it is the routine, some Baba's bhajan was playing softly in the temple .So this little girl, innocently went up to her father and asked, "does Baba like this song very much?" pujari asked her, why she was asking so?.

The girl said, because "she saw Baba shaking HIS head as if HE is enjoying the music". as soon as the pujari heard this, he withdrew his hand from Baba's head as if the pujari got scared for a moment. It seems, the pujari said, he was startled, got scared for a moment when she told she saw Baba shaking HIS head.

Leela 3:

The person who built that temple..(affectionately called as uncle by everyone) also has a couple of more Sai Temples in different parts. He told us this.. when the temple was constructed and the opening ceremony was due, uncle had plans of taking many devotees from Bangalore to Shirdipuram by train. It is a short journey and the station, (guess)Chittoor, where they were supposed to alight the train would halt there for only a few seconds, as it is not a major junction.

Since the number of devotees wanting to visit Shirdipuram increased, uncle got worried as to how to take them all for the function as the train would stop only for few seconds or maximum a minute or two.. but he put his worry aside and decided to go as planned.

So, on the day of leaving Bangalore, the number of devotees who were wanting to visit was in a big number and when they all got inside the train, uncle grew more concerned as everybody was his responsibility now. He even enquired with the authorities and they said it would stop there for a maximum of 1 or 2 mins only and not more than that. Now, uncle had given instructions to all devotees who are coming under his care to be ready so that they dont waste time in getting down when the station cames.

Also, the temple people from Bangalore who were going had items for puja and many other things .. so, this meant that they would need more time to unload those articles also. They were all together in 1 compartment. iIt was some 2/3 hours before they have to alight.. when uncle was tensed of all this.. he slightly dozed off while in the train. That time, he got a dream as if the engine driver came and told him not to worry and that the train would halt at the station for 10 minutes. Sufficiently enough time for all devotees to get down and for the temple workers to get their paraphernalia alighted down.

As soon as this dream got over.. uncle was a little relieved. But at the same time, he wondered if there was any possibility too that the train would halt at such a small station for 10 minutes..

When the station was nearing, it seems the compartment was filled with Agarbathi fragrance.. The fragrance was very strong and very very pelasant. All in the compartment felt the fragrance of the agarbathi .And all wondered as to how come and from where ?This none of them could actually comprehend and that too, all of them were busy packing their belongings and getting ready to get down as they all did not t want to waste time and rush down immediately .

When the station finally came, all rushed.. hurried.. still the strong, pleasant smell of agarbhathi was there. Uncle was actually happy when he finally saw, the train halt there beyond its charted time. The temple people carefully alighted all the paraphernalia down and uncle made sure all the devotees who came got down.

Now, when they were all safe in the platform, they checked the time and to uncle's surprise, it was exactly TEN minutes since the train had halted and , it was starting from the station.

Only after the train went.. did these poeple realise.. wow.. Baba was present there!!!! how else could they attribute that most pleasant agarbathi scents to??? in the mid of a jungle like location in a crowded train?????
isn't this reallly wonderfull?????

Leela 4:

The pujari's daughter whom I had mentioned above.. is a very blessed child I beleive.

One day, when she came home from the temple, she told her mother.. "that 'thatha', meaning grandpa, who sits on the stone in the temple, got up and came down and asked me, did I have food. I said no.. and HE told me to go and tell mother, that HE, asked her to feed me as soon as i get home".. something like this..

Isn't Baba really seated there??? He is!!!! only innocent souls can see or we should probably have that utmost faith when we go to see HIM.

Leela 5:
The temple had some dogs visiting the shrine too. Especially, one dog, everyday, it arrived, exactly at the time of arati. The dog made sure it attended all 4 aratis and on time for all 4 aratis.Not only that, the dog sang too.. it pulled his voice in the same tune as that of arati.All devotees who are generally witnessing this were very surprised..

To see the dog sing, many came.The dog let his voice out loudly in such a way, the tune exactly matched the arati tune. This became a big talk.. that they have shot videos of the dog singing arati. The CD is available with many devotees in bangalore.. and also,you may contact the temple sansthan to get a glimpse.

The sad thing, or the good thing, the dog left its body sometime in May 2008, I guess and the other dog was missing since that day.
Probably, Baba gave liberation to the dog to free itself from that body.

Leela 6: -- The much told about MILK MIRACLE.

There is a Gurusthan there in temple.There has been a protocol where they advise the pujaris to do perform duties in orderly fashion. One was to offer milk every morning in the 'kamandalu' to Lord Datta and that Kamandalu remains until the close for the night.. (For those who dont know Kamandalu.. its a holy small vessel in which milk/water is offered to Lord Sai Baba, Lord Datta. u can google to see the picture of how it looks) It is the pujari's duty to clear off the things when the temple is closed for the night.

It seems the pujari who takes care of the Gurusthan there, initially due to his absent mindedness or carelessness, did not clear the milk which was offered in the day. He left it as it was while he closed the temple for the night.This went on for the initial few days and as it went on, one morning the pujari noticed that the kamandalu had no milk in it. Curious, he noticed the next mornign too.. yes, the milk was not there.

He reported this to uncle saying that he leave the milk in the morning for the Lord and checks on the milk before he closes for the night.. the milk is there in the kamandalu..but when he opens in the morning, the milk is not there.

As they heard it,they decided to check on this and suspecting if it was a snake or something which gains entrance through some hole they had stuffed clothes on the small hole meant for water to pass and on the minutest openings there. They stuffed cloth pieces everywhere one night. But again the next day, the milk was drunk and kamandalu was empty.

After this they confirmed it cant be the snake or so, as they had suspected. Still, to check on the priest 4 of them i think they were the trustees, they saw the priest perform the night puja and the priest was about to close the door, the priest showed them the kamandalu with the milk.

Then pulled the iron gates together first and then the door and thus locked the mandir for the night and handed the keys to those 4 people.They took the keys with them and asked the priest what time it was to be brought. He said 6:00 a.m sharp and hence the next day, the four people bought the keys at 6:00 a.m sharp.When they opened and checked again sure enought, the milk was emptied but the kamandalu which is always at the feet of Lord Datta was lying a few feet away from the Lord, but the milk was empty.

They could not comprehend as to how the kamandalu was empty because there was no traces of spilt milk anywhere on the floor.

This checking went on that night too and again, the next day, the kamandalu was empty with no traces of milk anywhere inside.But again the kamandalu was not at the feet of the Lord but thrown away near the wall. This happened the next few days also they were equally surprised at both the incidents. Of 1, the kamandalu which was at the feet of Lord lying a few feet away and 2. the kamandalu emptied of milk with no traces of milk spilt anywhere..

Then the priest told them maybe the Lord was angry at the checking going on and hence realising those people and this uncle too asked pardon to the Lord for checking.

And the next day morning, when they still checked the kamandalu was exactly at the same place, at the Feet of the Lord. Exactly at the same place as they kept it last night, at the feet of the Lord and the kamandalu was empty the milk was drunk!!!!!

So all of them were overjoyed .. and they humbly accepted the fact that the Lord has drunk the milk.. infact the milk was offered to the Lord Himself. and this incident continues to this day.

Hence forth the priest never clears off the milk when closing for the night as they do in other places instead purposely leave it there for the Lord to consume.

To this day.. this is happening.

This is what uncle said I have almost typed it as exactly as uncle said last night. It was wonderful to hear while saying, he took me to the Datta Mandir at the temple and said, there at Shiridipuram also, the structure is similar just that it is a little bigger at Shiridipuram than what we were seeing. He showed me the exact place where the kamandalu is kept.. just as we were seeing, it is kept at the same place there too in Shiridipuram, at the feet of Lord Datta.

In the temple I visit the Datta mandir is like this a small chamber with granite( i guess) flooring, small Lord Datta's idol in the centre soo beautiful.. to the left is a Ganesha's idol as we generally see.. and to the right. I dont know who exactly.. there in the right, is a small tray with small idols of our Shirdi Baba Lord Datta in silver other metals, etc.

Beneath the main idol of Lord Datta, at His feet, they have kept the kamandalu.. behind all.. in the walls, is hung a portrait of our Shirdi Baba with HIS previous incarnations.. that temple at Shirdipuram I heard is the same.. but a little bigger in size.

To this day this wonderful miracle is happening.. and if you wish to witness.. please go. It is 5 hours from Bangalore on the AP route ,it is almost inside AP I guess. The place by itself is named as Shirdipuram.

Address of temple:

Pullur Cross
Mandalam Chittoor District

Contact Detail:

Land Line:
080 - 26689393

The address of the other temple constructed by the same person :

Shiri Shirdi Sai Baba Anand Ashram,
7th Main, K.E.B Layout,B.T.M Layout, Ist stage,
Ist phase,Off. Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore 76 .



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Janardhan. P said...

There is a small saibaba temple near Domlur BDA complex on the main road. I reqeust all
to visit the temple

Anonymous said...

Very nice post....really our baba is present everywere...thanks for sharing information and leelas with us...OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA....:):)

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