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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ananda Sai at Poonthandalam -Chennai

Author Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on 7:57 AM
Dear readers
Happy Thursday and Happy Baba’s day to all .
I know it has been a long time that I have not posted any new article or post on Sai temple after the Germany Sai temple.There is no reason for not doing so as I have few post already ready but they are not seeing the light and I know very well its Baba’s dictum and that is final.

All the post posted so far are not intentionally written by me to be posted .They have either come through some search or have been sent by Baba himself through various Sai bhakts .And I have compiled and put them .The working on this blog is going very strange for me so I have stopped searching for Sai temple details, though I know there are many resource already available on net and can help me get the information but Baba wants it in HIS own way and I want to go His way.
Sai bhakt Ashalatha on her own, inspired by Baba has sent me a very unique and special detail about Sai temple in Chennai .And she is also getting information on few more which again we both have left on Baba to provide and guide us with the details. Please read below the details of Ananda Sai temple at Poonthandalam Chennai .

History of Sai temple.

The Sai leela starts from this ardent Sai devotee Shri Ramanan.
Mr. Ramanan and his family are staunch devotees of Shirdi Sai. He was working for the Chennai Port Trust. His mother had given him a photo of Sai Baba and advised him to offer his prayers.

In the year 1997 one day his friends were interested to know about their future and they approached a palm reader to read their horoscope.

The horoscope of Mr. Ramanan revealed that he will build a temple in the future. This was shocking for him as he never had any such thought and wondering which deity’s blessing will shower on him to do this noble work.

In the year 1998, he happened to visit Enjambakkam Sai temple (Chennai sea shore). He just had a bliss of Sai , and Baba in his dream told him that,” I will come in a new form and construct a temple for me” . After this vision he came out of samsara bandhan .

From June 30th 1998, he stopped wearing slippers. He started to visualize Sai in his manmandir. From then he started to look for a suitable area to build Sai temple. It was a very difficult task and at last, he got to know that a small piece of land was available but there were some litigation in buying the same.

During this time one of his friends had constructed a temple for Lord Ganesha and Mr. Ramanan participated in the opening ceremony, just then his friend introduced him to a great personality Mr. Leo Muthu. Mr. Ramanan requested Mr.L.Muthu to help him in solving the problems related to purchase of land as this land was to be used for building Sai temple.

Mr. Muthu was greatly pleased to hear this, as he had a vast acres of land at his disposal (for constructing Sairam College) and also was having a plan to have a temple, he immediately donated 33 acres of land and requested the latter to take the responsibility of managing the activities. Both the hands joined to serve our Sai.
And here is the miracle of our Sai, Meanwhile a family (Chennai based ) living in Dubai for nearly 27yrs by named Mr. & Mrs. Surya was pulled by Sai to join this partnership. She had a dream in which Sai told her to make a pratima and He had also said that the pratima should be entirely different from what is seen now in other Sai temples, a different image should be created and installed in a village called “poonthandalam” .Sai also said in that village find a person who has the same thought, and she also had a vision of a remote village. She did not know how to fulfill this dream as she is living abroad and whom to contact? Where is this “poonthandalam village”? Who makes Sai pratima? What is the new form????She had no clue for all these questions.

She came to Chennai and searched for this village and when she went there she was so happy to see the village which she visualized in her dream and got to meet Ramananji who had settled in this village recently and already got the land for Sai temple and looking for Sai pratima.

Now on her way back from Chennai instead of taking the regular route they passed by Kanchipuram- Kanchi kamakoti matt –(followers of Shri Shankaracharya matt, city full of temples, famous for silk sarees) they wanted to take the darshan of Kanchi periyavar and there they saw a 2 1/2ft. pratima of Kanchi swamiji and felt that the pratima looks very different and got attracted and got the idea of getting the same kind for our Sai.
Upon enquiry they got to know about T.P.R. Ganesh and Sai worked the miracle on Ganeshji’s hands and the outcome is 6 ½ ft., “FIBRE GLASS SAI”. Suryaji informed these details to Ramanaji and In the year., 2006 on a Gokulashtami day Sai pratima was handed over to Ramananji. No words to express how each one would have felt about the leela of our Sairam.

Devotee who wish to know about T.P.R. Ganesh ji can read from the article published in newspaper Hindu by clicking here ..

Significance of the Baba Statue:

This is the pratima which Ganesh ji made.
The "6.5" pratima of Sai that is to be kept on "Sri Ananda Sai Dhyana Mandapam"is ever unique one.

This pratima is made of 'fibre Glass' which is never found in other parts of Asia and not even in this world .The uniqueness of the pratima is that you can feel the nerves as like that of human beings.

Ramananji had constructed a house close to the temple site and he installed Sai in the entrance of his house –portico and started the construction –small Sai mandir and did prathishta of our Sai, named “ANANDA SAI DYANA MANDAPAM” and by the grace of Sai he had worked out a plan to build a big mandir in the land gifted by Mr. L. Muthu. The construction work is going on.

Sai's Miracle in life of Ramanan :

Lot of miracles has taken place in the life of Ramananji, he would like to state the following.

Sai miracle Ramanan narrated was , during the construction of the small mandir, there was a problem. The roof facing the north direction (see the photo), one can see a small pratima of sai, Flag was being installed and just close to Sai Mr. Ramanan wanted to install “OM” peetam -symbol and so they had left just left a small portion of the roof uncovered.

The person in charge for doing this job was delaying and this was causing lot of tension, incase if there will be rainfall the Sai Baba pratima inside the temple will get wet. So he was very upset and was requesting the Engineer to work out fast. Ramanan earnestly prayed to Baba, for not knowing what is causing this delay and how he can handle?

Baba’s way Baba knows. Baba had some of his own design, Yes, Sai had appeared in Ramananji’s dream and said, “I need the peetam (-asan/chair) of mother to be installed here i.e. THE LOTUS," and what a wonder the symbol was so perfectly done and the uncovered roof was closed without any further alteration.

Another incident which Ramanan ji shared .Since the temple is situated in a remote place there was shortage of cash flow for construction and Mr. Ramanan was asking Sai to help him to be out of this crisis, Sai appeared in his dream and told him this land is a bare land can’t be used for agriculture to make it a fertile and a flourishing land you need to have “Swarnakarshna Vairavar “ to be installed , and the deity will bring prosperity to this land. Baba had also said that he will come in the form of “Swarna”-gold to the new temple.Photo giveb below. Few days back a tortoise came in front of the temple and reminded Ramananji about the “Kurma Avatar” and immediately he thought of having a turtle to be installed in the temple, as in Dwarakamayi.

The new mandir is designed in such a way that “Sai standing at the entrance of the temple facing north and south directions and inviting his devotees to have His darshan”.

Manishaji, All these information’s were personally conveyed to me by Ramananji last year, I did not just want to rely on my memory so I had requested my mom to meet him and confirm the same. She visited him 2 days back and confirmed the above information. I handed over the task to my Sai in narrating the same.

I wish to Thank sister Ashalatha who has contributed and helped in this Sai seva by providing the complete detail of this manidr and Aunty Ji in India who collected further finer details and passed on to us.Thank you and Sai bless all efforts. Jai Sai Ram.

1.Poonthandalam Sai Baba temple Visiting Time:

5 a.m. to 10 p.m.
As construction work is going on the devotee is there through out and even if by chance the mandir is closed his house is just 5 steps away from mandir and they will rush to open the mandir for Sai devotee.

2. Aarati timings- Follow Shirdi mandir timings.
Kakad- 5 a.m.
Madhyana - 12 .00
Dhoop- sunset
Shej - 10 p.m.

3. Festival Celebrations:

Sai punyathithi
Sri Rama Navami
Temple anniversary April 20th
(Planning to celebrate chitra purnima in the future instead of April 20th as this is an auspicious day for Sai and swarnakarshana Bhairavar too.Sai came to the priest in Poonthandalam on January 26-Pradhishta Day)

4. Committee:

Shirdi Shri Sai Shiranjeevi foundation-
They act as a group and planning to operate with more committee members .

5. Annadhanam:

It is provided on all these festival days and on regular days prasad is shared among the devotees as they are growing slowly they act according to the immediate requirements of the temple.

6. Future projects-social welfare projects:

According to the law the temple can be constructed with area of 35 cents but they have 70 cents at their disposal, 35 cents have been registered under the name of Sai for temple construction, and the remaining 35 cents are planned to be used for "Dwarakamai Old age home" and for other social welfare activities.


Contact Address/Temple address:



Landline:044 - 27178156. 044 - 65468816.

Mobile: 9840219388.

Map Direction:

From Tambaram Via Kishkinta 12 KMs.
From ponds,Pallavaram Via Thiruneermalai & Pazhanthandalam 12KMs.
From Kundrathur via Nandambakkam 10KMs.
From Sriperambadur 12KMs.Land Mark: Back to Sri Sai Ram Engineering College

Another Route:
Kunruthur - bus stop devotees can afford to go by autorickshaws -share with few people- duration 30-45 mts.(via-Madha engg. college)plan is approved for getting a bus stop very close to mandir (kunruthur bus stop-sai mandir) waiting for action.

Mandir Website :Click Here


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Unknown on August 10, 2015 at 10:43 PM said...

"Sabka Malik Ek Hai".... really mesmerizing site... antique look... hatsoff admin... hanuman chalisa

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Temple with nice Baba's pratima.

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