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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shirdi Sai Dhanvantari Dhyan Mandir-Banglore.

Author Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on 4:40 AM

Om Sai Ram ,
Happy Baba's day,
Baba resides where love is present . This special place is none other than Shirdi Sai Dhanavantri Dhyan Mandir in Banglore.Presence of Baba is felt by many devotees during their visit to this Mandir .The detail of this temple sent by Sai devotee is very touching .Normally every temple has its own appeal which attracts devotees towards it .This temple is not an exception but the simplicity and personal touch of devotees rendered to Lord Sai in this temple makes it unique and different .As the readers will go through the details they will understand what i am trying to indicate by simplicity and personal touch .I thank the devotee to bring the details and uniqueness of Baba's residing abode in Banglore Sai Dhanvantari Dhyan Mandir.The above picture is a again a unique representation of Baba being the same Fakir of Shirdi Village but the external world changing around Him with glitter,gold,pomp and show.Jai Sai Ram  .

Shirdi Sai Dhanvantari Dyan Mandir.


Sri R Sathish belongs to Telugu Speaking family but was born and brought up at Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. In 1979, his family got shifted to Bangalore and a house was constructed at the present property. Sri Sathish worked as an Hardware Engineer and Hardware Supplier for 24 years before quitting his business and starting this Dhyan Mandira.

This is a meditation hall, situated at JP Nagar, Bangalore.

Situated on the 3rd floor of a commercial complex in a busy locality, this place is ideally like a “home of bliss” on the tree top. Baba, in the form of a life sized picture, seated in His usual posture, lovingly welcomes us.

Just like Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi, photos of devotees of Baba are all framed, decking the top portion of the walls on both the sides.

A book rack, is very neatly organized which has volumes of Shri Sai Satcharita in all Indian languages, neatly arranged, from Malayalam to Urdu. This rack also has a section for Brail Shri SaiSatCharita and Children’s Sai Baba. Devotees can sit, read and place the books back.
Now, this Dhyan Mandir would be like an open well furnished, silent, well maintained hall suited for meditation. But there is this chair, made of cane, an easy-chair which is fitted with soft, very soft cushions. The arms of the chair are also fit with hand rest cushions on both sides, so is the feet part of the chair.

The story of this chair is Divine by itself:

In the month of September 2010, few devotees out of love for Baba, wanted to chant His Holy name at least for 12 hours. The permission was sought for the same and it was readily agreed by the owners of the Dyan Mandir.

That first naam jap was conducted on a Sunday, with incessant chanting of His Holy name by a few devotees who chanted with love and joy. As time glided and as it was the time for evening arati, the auspicious vibrations began to be felt by everyone in the hall. Few rows of lamps were lit as the chanting continued. The whole hall experienced a very special effect of vibrations and the experience each one had after the evening arati are very electrifying.

As chanting was in full vigor, almost three people felt that, someone was telling that Baba has come and HE needs a chair to sit. There was nothing that could be done, but getting the chair used by the person taking care of the dyan mandir, spread with neat white clothes and placed in the front, near HIS portrait.

As the arati was about to conclude the naam japa after 12 hours, there were very strong vibrations and many felt an aged elderly person walked around the hall, while many did not see that phenomenon.
The Leela behind the chair does not stop here.

As the Nam Jap was very electrifying, it was decided to be held again for 12 hours in the next month. Mr.Prakash (an elderly person who was working in the US some ten years ago, but who had quit his job to spend his life in the service of Baba), who was appointed to be in service taking care of the Dyan mandir, and attending to the devotees, had conveyed to a few devotees that one of those evenings, he had a vision of Baba walking around in the hall. It was thence decided, a chair had to be placed for HIM and few devotees willingly, rather lovingly, contributed and got an easy chair made of cane and equipped that with very fine cushions specially made of fine soft cotton, so as to make that comfortable in the best way.

The second month’s naam japa was thus held and thus it went on. As every naam japa progressed, the devotees’ experiences increased. I am afraid they are too many, to be presented here. A few will be added at the end, as the inspiration flows in.

There was annadhana 4 times a day, whenever Nam Japa happened. It was one Sunday every month. After the naam japa concludes with the arathi, devotees sang bhajans and carried Baba in His chair around the hall, like a small palki procession.

 It was causally discussed that Baba would provide an elevator if 14 naam japas are conducted there (thus summing upto 1 Sapthaha). It is not very surprising, last month October, an unknown devotee had voluntarily presented to bear the cost of the elevator. 

Apart from this, the first year’s anniversary was celebrated in a very grand manner in March 2011, with a 3 day celebration.

Bhajans on the 1st day and Sat Charita Parayana was on the 2nd day, with every chapter being read in each language. 3rd day was Naam Japa which concluded with a grand chariot procession (2 fine white horses and a chariot was arranged for Baba to be taken on a procession from the Dyan Mandir to Sai Baba temple at BTM Layout). There was bliss in the air and excellent bhajans on the way. Though the distance was a very short one, the procession went slowly with all grandeur. On reaching the temple at BTM Layout, bhajans were done and everyone there, saw a very broad smile on the marble form of Baba there. None could deny that special phenomenon. Added to this, was a blessed devotee, who saw a white form, emerge from the group and merge in the marble murthy of Baba.

Ram Navami, Guru Poornima and MahaSamadhi are also observed with lots of love and devotion.
A cradle made of love, was done in hand by devotees during Ram Navami, apart from the Gopal Kala and Nam Japa.

Extended Ram Navami Celebrations at Shirdi Sai Dhanvantri Dhyan Mandir.Baba in cradle - Golden - hand made with LOVE.


For Dusherra, marking the Maha Samadhi, rows of dolls (Bommai Gollu), are arranged in steps, depicting various scenes from Sat Charita.

A link to the video of one of the Gollu’s during Dusherra -

Also, Lendi Bagh is set on one side with the well and this arrangement is made to stay for the full 9 days and yes, Nam Japa is on one of those 9 days. It is 2 years now, since this is being observed and would be a regular phenomenon ever Dusherra in the forth coming years.

Apart from this, every Thursday there is a bhajan.

Shiv Rathri is also celebrated with a small setting of Kailash.

Every month, the naam japas would be made special with a specific setting. Like, the 9th month of Naam Japa, the decoration was on the Nava Vida Bhakthi. The 11th Nam Japa had a decoration on one corner, with a small hillock made of sand with 11 steps, and lamps lighted in every step and on the peak was a small marble mantap where our beautiful Lord was seated. Every step, was marked with one of the 11 asurances. One of the months, there was a Neem Tree setting and thus, every Nam Japa, sees some tiny special decoration in one corner of the hall.

This March 18th would mark the 2nd anniversary of the Naam Japa. And it almost 20 Nam Japas till now. And it would go on forever.

Every month, one Sunday would see a Naam Japa happening here at the Shirdi Sai Dhanvantari Dyan Mandir, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Under the Divine inspiration of Baba, Mr.Sathish got this Dyan Mandir constructed and while he has materialized this most beautiful hall of Prayer, his wife, Mrs.Indu Sathish is the dedicated lady who adds breath to his material. They are wonderful devotees, who are at the service of the Lord with no pride. They can be reached at:

With the elevator beginning to function in March this year, Mrs. Sathish plans to get the senior citizens devoted to Baba, from old age homes and let them treat themselves to a divine experience, as and when time permits.

Sri Shirdi Sai Dhanvantari Dhyana Mandira
Sree Sai Amrutham,
3rd Floor (Above Cafe Coffee Day) 
South End "B" Cross, 28th Main Road,
Near Ragigudda Temple, 9th Block,

Bangalore-560 069.

Alight at Jayanagar East End Bus Stop.
2 Minutes walk from the Bus Stop.

Contact Person:
Mr. R.Satish

Contact Numbers:
+91 93412 64696

Timings :

9:00 a.m - 1.00 p.m
5:00 p.m - 8:00 p.m

At 8:00 p.m, every night, a special bed which was custom made for Baba is spread out on a mat on the floor and a soft pillow and a razai (if the climate is cold) or a cotton blanket(if the climate is warm) is placed without fail. It is believed that this special bed if for Baba to rest. 3 or 4 devotees had seen in their dreams, Baba sleeping here. 

Few Experiences By Devotees Of Dyan Mandir:

1.On one naam japa day, a devotee said, she saw Shri Krishna emerge out of Baba’s heart. “..I was surprised, I could not believe but it is true. I even wondered if it was imagination. But I really felt as if Shri Krishna emerged out from His Heart”.The very same day, she said this, another devotee by the name Sunil, said, he saw a divine glow in Baba’s heart. He was not aware of the other devotee’s experience.

2.It was the day after Diwali 2010. Rain was pouring in torrents. A bhajan singer, who badly wanted to light some lamps in Dyan mandir, had reached dyan mandir inspite of the rains. Only Mr.Prakash, was there and they had all the windows closed and the fans switched off, due to the heavy rains. But the moment, this singer lighted all the lamps, both of them witnessed, the rocking chair, rocking itself in full swing. Both of them testified to this grand spectacle.

3.This was in January 2012. The Nam Japa was going on and sometime in the afternoon, around 3:00 p.m, I saw Baba sitting in the rocking chair. I blinked my eyes and for that brief second, I did see Baba dressed in white, seated on the chair. The next second I could not see His form but I found the rocking chair rocking by itself. – Shankar.

Mr.Prakash adds another experience of his. He says one night, towards closing time, he saw bright white light which took the shape of Baba, come through the window sills inside. To quote his exact words, “Baba came, I could see only His top portion, the head gear and all, that made me identify HE is Baba. He just walked through these window grills. He just came in. Then all blank and calm as before.” I always have the habit of chanting the name of Govinda when I show agarbathi to Baba. As I was doing this one evening, I had the blessed vision of Lord Venkateshwara behind Baba for one second.

4.A colleague of mine had a serious medical complication in her throat. She was undergoing treatment which caused her much anxiety and extreme pain. I had many times spoken about this Dyan mandir to her, but she had not shown any interest to visit. Though, we both used to board the same cab to office and this was very much on the way. One Monday evening, all of a sudden, she said she would come and got down along with me and we went up. Within few minutes, another young school boy, who is a regular devotee, aged 10 years had come. He said, “akka, I had a dream yesterday night. Baba was standing here. He was looking through these glass windows. He was pointing that side and said, that is my devotees house. She has not come to visit me for so long. And then I could see this picture, but there was blood in His neck, I did not know why. His throat was bleeding. I could see those blood drops fall on His kafni”. My colleague started crying. So did I. This boy knew nothing. My colleague had told me, that just the previous night, she had questioned Baba, as to why that she had to suffer like this and when would her throat get alright. The stitch had caused her acute pain. She was crying, she said. 

5.One devotee who regularly attends the naam japas, said, she received Brahma Gnana here. One evening, as I was attending the nam jap, all of a sudden, I felt I heard an inner voice ask me to close my eyes. I did. I did not see anything but after sometime, I do not know what happened, I woke up only when the voice instructed me to open. I was questioned, what did I experience. I said nothing, It was blank. I had not even known if I had slept. But I knew I did not sleep as my posture was all steady. I thought over and said, “Absence of consciousness” is all I felt. The Supreme voice said, “Yes, exactly. That is the state where everyone has to go to. That is the state you have to achieve.” I could visualize a swing and myself on the swing. I could later see my body absent from the swing but I still felt I was on the swing. Then that means, there was something of mine, in the swing, though I could not see my body. My body was no where in the picture, but I was there. So I AM NOT THE BODY. That spirit of mine was identical to Baba’s. We were ONE in nature. Just that the deluding phenomenon of repeated samsaras combined with its delude of attachments/emotions, etc, lead me to forget my real nature. I have just put it very briefly, because I can not put that experience of mine in words.

6.It was Sri Ram Navami day, 2011. I was at the Dyan Mandir. Just 4 days before this, I was blamed and scolded by someone whom I trusted and loved much. In that emotional outburst, I had said, “If I am such a person who does mistakes, as this person blames me to be, Baba, please do not eat from my hands again”. I had forgotten that I had told this to Baba, 4 days ago, while I was weeping. On that Shri Ram Navami day morning, I felt my eyes closed and a very brief dream in that very brief second as if agarbathi smoke was seen and that Baba is hungry. I did not understand. I suddenly felt a strong feeling inside me that I should feed Baba something. I had not taken anything along with me. I just had a banana in hand and as I went near Him, I felt a strong inner voice, repeatedly telling me, that “I need something sweet. Something sweet, something sweet..” I constantly felt it. It was a rapid repetition. With no thought, I looked in and found some sugar packet which they had kept for abisheka. Caring for nothing, I tore open that packet and dipped the banana in the sugar and fed Him. I could feel the vibration when I take my hand near His picture to feed Him. I can feel the magnetic pull. I am telling this very strongly because, there was another day, when I had scolded one girl and when I tried to feed Him something, the fruit broke by itself to 2 pieces and fell on the ground. I took something else and tried again, but the magnetic pull was absent that day. Whereas many other times, I have experienced this pull.

7.Santhosh, an ardent devotee of Baba, attends every Nam Japa happening here.December 2011, his tickets were booked to Shirdi on the same day of the Nam Japa. But as he opted to attend the Naam Japa, he had got his tickets cancelled with a heavy heart. In prayer, he had requested Baba itseems, "Baba, after much trouble I procurred tickets to Shirdi and I have cancelled them now, to attend Your nam japa. So, please, You come from Shirdi this month and let us enjoy Your darshan on nam japa".

Just prior to this incident, I was not very sure if I would be attending that months nam japa or not as I was not in Bangalore. As I was worried over it, in sleep, I had a dream which went like this. I could see myself attending the nam japa and it all seemed so realistic. I felt someone walk first and then an old man in white dhoti walk past. I look around and could hear the chanting going on.. and I suddenly woke up. It was then I realised that it was a dream. I recollected the dream. One thing was clear, Baba showed me that I would attend that month's nam japa without missing it. Excellent. Next was, something else was shown which I ws not able to catch. I tried.. yes, some old man walked inside the hall. Before that, someone else walked inside. Who was That ?? I could not see a human form, but sure, someone walked.. Oh.. Would Baba be making His physical appearance this nam japa I wondered.. And later I did not give much thought to it.On the day of the nam japa, a devotee volunteered to prepare Dal and as the time for Madhyan arati was nearing, the plate for Baba's naivedya was getting ready. Ghee was added more, along with rice and dhal and some kheer and butter milk. The clock struck exact 12, we were about to start the arati, when 2 school girls said, there is an old Fakir who has come downstairs. And immediately a plate of rice and dhal and ghee + kheer and a container of butter milk was sent.

The girls carried it downstairs and said, The old Fakir chose to sit on floor outside, just beneath the banner of Nam Japa. He had food. And upstairs, we were busy doing the arati. Just before the arati was about to get over, I was inspired to go down and see, but before that the girls came up, telling He had His food and went. The arati exactly concluded. We were like.. Oh.. we missed, we should have gone along.. than staying here for arati we thought. We tried to have a glimpse of Him through the window.. No.. we could not see anywhere in the lane. How could He have walked so fast no one knew. It was then, it struck me, my dream... Gosh.. some one did enter the hall, I felt it in the dream. And Santhosh said about his prayer.

Baba had made His physical presence that day.

That after noon, felt a little low. All cushions are here set for Him, and at Shirdi, all royalties set in gold.. etc etc.. but, see our Baba, HE comes as a Fakir.. and He chose to sit on the floor in the road.. :( :( :( :(

8.It was one Thursday very low, very upset and in a bad mood. It was around 7 am in the morning, I was at the Dhyan mandir, trying to do the little seva I could. Generally, no one comes before 9 am in the
morning. One the maids who help and the aunty, who owns the place. Noone else comes. But that day, aunty was at Shirdi.

I was just mixing chandan for Baba, as I kept talking to Baba, I told Him, Baba, I want to see YOU, please come, Please come. I was telling it so strongly, as the pain in my heart was too high at that moment. Exactly 2 minutes after I told this, I felt the door which was half open, a figure of a lady emerge from there. I looked up. She was wearing a torn nightie and had a shawl over her head and around her.
She looked middle aged to me. The moment I saw her, I gave a shriek in fear and she too shrieked. I had not expected her and I just got scared. And as her appearance seemed odd to me, I got a little scared.
Now, that the maid had also gone down for tea and I was alone.. I thought, now I am scared, I shall go down. But then I thought, Baba is here, why should I fear this lady now. I am not alone, Baba is along.

So, I continued doing what I was doing. This lady looked at me and asked, something about the temple timings and I do not rememeber what I answered her. But seeing her, strange appearance the fear was still gripping me, I was just trying to be normal.I was surprised about one thing, that she spoke very fine English,despite her attire and her dressing. She told me, she wanted to go to Shirdi and that she has no money. She hardly can afford a meal and that she has been having this desire of going to Shirdi and she wanted to start imemdiately. I had given her a half bisucit packet which was there, as she said she was hungry. I applied the chandan for Baba's photo and by the time, things were over, the maids had also come and my fear had also gone. This lady was reading Sat Charita and by that time, she had also completed and got up. We got ready for the arati. I waved the arati and I requested her also to wave the arati for Baba.She refused. She said, she had not had her bath and that she wanted to go to Shirdi. Not knowing what to do, I thought let me do little help I can to some devotee who is very keen on going ot Shirdi, I opened my purse and found 1000 Rupees and some change. I handed over the Rs.1000 note to her and told her, this should help her in her expenditure for buying the railway tickets.

She said, she does not know which train to go. I said, you can start today itself, Karnataka Express. For her accomodation, I thought I shall call up aunty and inform about her, as since that aunty was at Shirdi, she might help her in providing accomodation. So, I gave her aunty's number and address at Shirdi and all other details written neatly on a paper along with the train she is suppsoed to board etc. I asked her, if she could manage to buy her return ticket then good, else, aunty might help her. or Baba might help her in some way. She said, she will not return back from Shirdi. Once she goes, she would stay there. I told her, that is fine. There are many ashrams where Baba would sure provide her accomodation. She took the money and Sai Sat Charita with her and a biscuit packet which I had given her, and she left the place. As she left, I wondered, dressed like this, how is her English so refined. The maid who was cleaning asked me, how does she speak this language. The manager, Mr.Prakash who had come by then, asked me, why do you entertain giving money to such devotees, she looks mentally imbalanced. I told him, I do not know anything about her. Later, I called up aunty and told her, that I had given her address and all this happened. Aunty was almost weeping over phone. She said, I am soo glad, Baba came to our Dhyan Mandir today. She also said, okay, if that lady comes, I shall do the necessary help here at Shirdi and keep her comfortable, but I am sure, she will not contact me nor come here.
Because I feel, she is Baba.And we waited for few days, there was no news from that lady. She had
not called aunty, she did not show up again at Dyan Mandir. I never saw her...

9.Another thursday morning, I visited the Dhyan mandir. That day, I was just trying to rush to office. I was hurrying up, when I expressed this fear of mine to Baba, asked Him.. "Baba do You think this will be my last day at work.. Should I quit this company?" And, the whole garland of Jasmine flower on Baba, fell down. I was wonderstruck.I was surprised at the question I put and also at the strange asnwer I received.

I had been in that organisation for 4 years and had never once thought of quitting. There was a sudden change in events, that the unti I worked for was taken over by another company. Though the job was
assured for all, I still had asked that question to Baba and HE answered. And just as He answered, that very same day, I was giving the exit letter from my organization. But strangely, I took it very calm and had no feeling nor reaction. I believed HE knows best. I just accepted it.

After a couple of months, one Thursday evening, it was slightly drizzling. I felt like having hot samosas. Since I was on my way to Dyan Mandir, I had got few for Baba too. As I went closer to His picture on the chair, to feed Him, I felt an inner voice, say, "Give me sweet". I wondered. I simply said, "Baba, You are Yourself sweet.Do You need sweet?" and I went and had my bite of samosa. I felt some
chillies there. I thought, no wonder Baba asked me for sweet and immediately fed Him with some cream biscuits which were there. That very same evening, at this very same holy place, right in front of
Baba's picture, just after few minutes after He asked me for sweet, I received a call from a giant organization and they said I was appointed. I was wonder struck, as I had never given an interveiw nor
any test. I was trying to explain but they were just describing my job roles and I was patched on call to the clients in the US. I had no words to tell. Within few weeks, I also received the appointment order
in hand and joined and now, it is so long since all this happened. I am happily employed by this organisation where everything goes well for me.

It was a real surprise, that colleagues in my previous organisation have all lost their jobs after the new company took over and many of theirs was at high risk. They were telling me, now the market is so
bad. You are lucky, at the right time, you moved and got yourself settled too.I wondered.. everything was like a miracle. It just happened. I was devoid of action here. Only 1 thing I did was - simply accepted. When unfairly I was given the exit order too, I had just accepted without any question to Baba..

That is HIS leela.


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venkatesh said...

one day when we went to visit this Dhyan mandir, my friends and me, we regularly visit this place. one evening we had got little food from each hosue and we were sharing it and having food, after feeding naivedya to Baba. that time, 2 lamps were left to be lit after which, one lamp was off due to wind. since the other lamp was continuing to burn, we had not paid much attention. as we were all sharing food and eating the Prasad, suddenly, one of us spoke, oh, Baba also might be sitting here along with us and sharing it. as we kept a separate plate for Baba too and His share in that plate.. As we were talking that HE too is seated along with us in the floor and sharing the Prasad, suddenly the other lamp got lit by itself.. and continued to burn. I am getting goosebumps now on recollecting this. Most of us notices this miracle of the lamp getting lit by itself. JAI SAI RAM

Anonymous said...

All Sai devotees who experience our beloved Sai are really blessed. May Sai be with all of us and bless all of us always. Ananth koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Parbrahm Sri Sacchidanand Satguru Shri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post...really i am feeling like to visit this mandir soon...hope i will(when baba will call me)..OM SAIRAM...LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA...:):)

Unknown on December 3, 2015 at 2:15 AM said...

Om Sai, I would like to thank sai for showering his
blessings on me and my family and let him continue
doing so. When sai will call me to Shiridi, I am waiting...

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