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Friday, May 13, 2011

Perambur (Agaram)Shirdi Sai Baba Temple-Chennai.

Author Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on 6:12 PM

Dear All,
It is Baba's grace that I am able to share details of various Shirdi Sai Baba Temple spread across entire Chennai city.This only reflects one point "Baba's supreme Glory "Baba is not limited to Shirdi but He is present in every nook and corner of the Universe .Readers are requested to read the details as posted below .

I would like to thank Sai devotee Sridhar ji for sharing this detail through this blessed website.Jai Sai Ram .
History of Perambur (Agaram) Sai Baba Temple

Dear reader ,here is the history and details shared by Dr.D Arulneyam in detail.

Before explaining the full facts about Baba’s Pradhishtai at Agaram (Permabur), here, I (Dr. D. Arulneyam) write a brief summary of the whole incidents. By all experiences I would certainly say that Baba is present here with full power, full joy and real life.

Baba himself has chosen the place for his pradhishtai and made all necessary arrangements for his presence by utilizing us an instrument. Baba himself selected the sculptor and sculpture-manufacturing place. All these activities were taking place automatically without our effort and intervention.

The Samadhi located in front of his pratima has got its own uniqueness and meaning, which was indicated by Baba through my dream vision. While marking the Samadhi, I could get Shirdi photo on my hand and followed the similar arrangements by recollecting Shirdi visit in my mind.

Initial understanding about Baba:

Shri Shirdi Sai Baba’s divinity and his blessing struck my mind during 1998, When I was doing my Ph.D programme under Engg in I.I.T, Chennai. One of my colleagues belongs to Andhra Pradhesh visited Shirdi. He gave me Shirdi Prasad with Baba’s Cross-legged photo. After hearing the brief story about Baba, momentarily, my mind brought an imaginary vision about baba’s Shirdi Samadhi. Later, I understood that Baba engulfed me from that time onwards since all my spiritual endeavours and progresses started from that moment.

Until then, I did not have much in-depth knowledge about Baba. However during that time, I visited Mylapore Sai Baba temple without having deep devotion. Later slowly I became a deep devotee of baba. It was Baba’s blessing, for the first time. I visited Shirdi in April 2003. After that, I went to Saudi Arabia in May 2003.

After I stepped into the Islamic sacred soil of Saudi Arabia,
Baba totally occupied me and directed me on and off for the past 7 years. Baba liked Islamic religious place of Mecca-Madinah in Saudi Arabia when he was alive, so he wanted his mission should be established from Saudi Arabia by Saudi earnings. That’s why baba did not allow us to leave Saudi till now for the past 7 years. Indeed, it is true that baba showed his first darshan in Saudi Arabia through my dream vision in june 2003. Baba showed his darshan in the form of Kandayoga practice by appearing his head alone with fearful eye sight during the early morning hours of Brahma Muhurtam. From this time onwards, until now I am in the fold of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba.

Many times, I could not tolerate baba’s test and experiment in the form of sufferings. During that time, with uncontrollable anger and impatience, I hated Baba and used harsh words. Later, I came to realize about my behavior and consoled myself saying that baba was parabrahmam (Absolute Truth) that was beyond the touch of the word, mind and intellect. Whatever, I shouted on Baba that will accumulate in mind as impurities, and my shouting will not affect baba’s purity as similar to Sun.

Baba’s Miracle in our life:

It was in the end of 2003, I was working as Research Scientist in the King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My wife was working as Neurologist in a hospital at Najran, which was 1000 kms away from Riyadh. During that time, once my wife lit a lamp in pooja room in front of baba’s photo and left to hospital without noticing it. When she came back from hospital and looked into pooja room, she found that baba photo was fully burnt and became ash. Along with baba photo, our Guru Gnanacheri Sadasiva Brahmmendrar photo also got burnt half. This is the incident through which Baba symbolically hinted us that he was going to bear our karma and sins.

After that in May 2004, we came to india for vacation and went to Shirdi while going back to Saudi. The real suffering started after 2 months through another doctor’s sin. The anesthesia doctor, belonging to Andhra Pradesh made a gross negligence during an operation. By his mistake in anesthetic process, the pregnant lady’s brain got damaged and went into coma. The female patient was aged about 30 years with 7 children.

Immediately my wife was called as neurologist to treat the patient. However, my wife could not retrieve the patient from coma. Consequently, the anesthetic doctor was charged guilty by the hospital medical committee after making an enquiry. Meanwhile the affected family started making a suit in the court. After knowing the intensity of the case, the anesthetic doctor plunged into depression. Unless he faces the guilty charge in the court and pays penalty, he will not be allowed to leave the country and his passport was retained by the company.

Under this juncture, I went to my wife’s place during the holidays. The anesthetic doctor was well known to me. One Thursday evening, after baba’s pooja, I went to his house and gave baba’s Shirdi Prasad of Udhi with baba’s sitting posture cross legged photo. I advised him to apply a drop of udhi over his head daily, while going to hospital. And also advised him to pray to Baba, under the similar instruction given in Shri Sai Satcharitra where shri Hemant explained the worship methods of baba. It says that worship baba’s right feet thumb in between baba’s left hand two fingers, as similar to see Sun in between two branches of tree. After this, within a month, the doctor could go to India safely by using a duplicate passport.

Meanwhile the court did not take up and pursue the case saying that the main culprit should be brought to the court. During this time, my wife’s medical company contract period was over and my wife was not allowed to leave the country. In turn, they asked my wife to bring a guarantee person belonging to Saudi nationality. Also my wife’s four and half months salary, benefit and allowances are retained by the company. So I brought my wife and children to my place, Riyadh and started pursuing the case.

Meanwhile we got a temporary job for my wife in the Government Hospital. We approached Indian Embassy and gave a complaint, and also we sent a petition to all levels of Saudi government. Nothing materialized however, Indian embassy perused the matter with Saudi foreign ministry.

Here, Baba after allowing the doctor to leave the country, and wanted to give right compensation to the affected family by using us as their representative. Baba acted vigorously with more power through us by taking this case to Saudi government level. After one and half years of constant endeavor, by baba’s full grace and power, the deputy minister of Ministry of Health, himself plunged in this case.

The deputy minister framed a medical committee to enquire the case and finally without the intervention of court, my wife was relieved from the case. However, before this release, baba made me to realize the similar sufferings of the affected woman’s husband.

My wife was admitted into the hospital for her sickness. She had to undergo anesthesia for minor surgery. I was terribly afraid by thinking that my wife might be affected by the same anesthetic complication. I realized the affected family’s real feelings and sufferings. My children also suffered. Finally my wife was discharged from the hospital in good health after the treatment. Later, after one month only, we were relieved from the case. And all our retained money was paid back.

During the course of the case, we prayed to baba on every Thursday regularly and made a strong oath and commitment by saying that the entire amount of my wife’s benefits will be spent for Baba. Already when we visited first time to shirdi in April 2003, I myself thought that I should construct a small temple in my house. So through this incident Baba made me to give life to my thought and there upon we started plunging into the temple work based upon our oath and commitment.

Baba’s Statue selection:
In the process of establishing a small temple for Baba, we booked a flight for our entire family to Bombay. We wanted to visit Shirdi from Bombay and pay our gratitude at Baba’s feet. After that we planned to go to Chennai and start the temple work.

In this line, we started making all arrangements for our Shirdi visit. I always used to get Baba’s advice by opening a page on baba’s book and read the same in front of baba’s photo. Similarly I opened a page from Sri Narasjimha Swamiji book at pooja room. In that page Baba is showing his anger to a devotee by saying that “Why are you coming to Shirdi? You have lot of work to do, I know when I have to call you here”. So immediately after reading this message we cancelled the Bombay flight ticket and Shirdi visit.

Later, I started enquiring a travel agent, about seat availability to Delhi. Normally, during summer vacation, it is very difficult to get a seat to Delhi, which requires minimum 4 months of reservation. However in our case, Baba himself caught hold of 4 seats for my wife and 2 children.

In this time, we could get help through our building architect’s (Balasubramaniam) uncle, Mr.B. Ravichandran. Mr. B. Ravichandran is the higher authority in the Indian bank, Working at Chennai. He is an ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba.

Mr.B. Ravichandran made dedicated effort and extended his help through his jaipur Indian bank authorities. Later we proceeded to Selhi and stayed there one day. Next day we went to Jaipur. In Jaipur Baba made all arrangements for us through Indian bank, senior manager Mr.Gupta. Inspite of his tight schedule, he allotted his time to spend with us. Morning, we visited all the tourist attraction in Jaipur, during that time we also visited statue shop and looked for Baba’s statue. However we were not satisfied with Baba’s face.

 Afternoon, Mr.Gupta took us to Mr. Baradwaj factory and introduced us. Mr.Baradwaj is number one in India for making Baba’s pratima. He showed us the model Baba Pratima by putting Salwai over Baba’s shoulder. Really my whole family members were under joy and fully satisfied with that Pratima. So we gave the order for making Baba's pratima under similar configuration.

During the work, amazing thing happened. Baba did not allow anyone other than me and my wife to carry out the temple work. Even if I entrust the work to someone the work will not be done, they will give negative reply. One day I myself got up from bed in the early morning hours of Brahma Muhurtam and drew the temple plan. In order to accommodate large crowd in the small place by giving separate entry and exit. I myself marked the Baba’s Pradhistai place, Samadhi and vinayakar pratima by seeing Baba’s Shirdi photo and applied the Shirdi vision from my mind. This way the temple construction was pulled till the day of kumbabishekam upto morning 4.30 A.M. In fact morning 4.30 A.M only we could finish the door fittings.

Baba’s Ishwarya Darshan in Dream:

When I dedicated myself into the temple construction work, one day at early morning 4.15 A.M during brahma muhurtam hours, Baba indicated his coming as Darshan in my dream with my full amazement and joy. Indeed it is fact Baba symbolically indicated that he is going to come to Agaram permanently with full ishwaryam full power and joy.

In the dream vision, I was standing among the big crowd and expecting somebody’s coming. During that time Baba came out from the house entrance by having stick on his hand, greedam on his head, with white colour like full moon, similar to Shirdi pratima face that was worshipped by devotees from all over world as Shri Shirdi Sai baba. In this way I received his darshan as a great boon. Baba in the form of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba came towards me by walking and sat before me in the posture of Dwarakamai and went inside and disappeared as Samadhi. I stood crying and immediately rushed towards the cave like structure nearby His side and reached inside the underground. But the doors were closed and locked similar to symbolic indication of closing the door during the nights at the temple for Baba’s sleep under Samadhi. I still remember Baba’s face in the dream looked so white. Later I understood the reason for this pure white vision. After 18 days the pratima came from jaipur. Later the amazing thing happened that the pratima's face was looking similar to my dream darshan when it was decorated with Greedam on Thursdays.

During this time my wife confused herself about the place chosen for Baba’s pradhishtai. Infact Baba gave answer to her through a dream. In her dream one old swamiji with white beard came by removing the crowd and told my wife that the place chosen for baba’s pradhishtai is right place. While telling this the swamiji went inside the ground and disappeared as Samadhi. Later the kumbabishekam was performed on August 30th and 31st 2006, without much advertisement and decorations. Baba’s pradhistai was performed with similar arrangements of Shirdi with Shri Shirdi Sai Baba’s pratima and His Samadhi. Here we spent all our foreign earnings for this pradhishtai. Here we did not take and utilize single rupee from our ancestors property.

Here the temple premise is fully owned by us by Baba’s grace. So based on Baba’s wish the temple will be administered forever by my family hereditary. Under this line, we established Shirdi Sai Foundation a Charitable trust to maintain the temple’s day today activities and other welfare activities including annadanam. The temple premise does not come under Shirdi Sai Foundation. We have obtained Income tax registration and Tamil Nadu Government registration for “Shirdi Sai Foundation”.

Photo's of the Temple:

Shirdi Sai Foundation Mission:

Sai Baba He himself will carry forward His vision and implement it through devotees to the entire India and abroad. The mission is to establish different centre of working group in the form of trust and if possible along with small worship place. And carry forward His vision in the form effective activity.


1. To establish working centre with Baba devotee’s

2. To establish worship place in the form of PHOTO in order to receive Baba’s blessing

3. To establish Pooja and food distribution scheme on Thursday at each centre

4. To establish free medical treatment on fortnight basis at each centre

5. To distribute Baba’s book that covers all aspects of Baba’s life vision and His saying for spiritual elevation

6. To implement the multi-religious and secularism concept at Shirdi Sai Baba worship places around India (under an Important Vision of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba).

7. To guide or arrange people to visit Shirdi, at least once in their life time.


1.Publication of Shirdi Sai Baba Books.

2.Conducting Annadanam Scheme ( Agaram-Perambur, Thiruvotiyur, Red hills-Thiyambakkam)

3.Conducting Free Medical Camps.

4.Establishing Shirdi Sai Baba temples at Rural Areas.

5.Mantra dhiksha - Programme.


Shri Shirdi Sai Foundation
No. 18A, Chidambaram Street, Agaram,
Perambur, Chennai - 600082, INDIA

Telephone Number:+91 9840891409 / 9952983067

Web Address:


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Baba missing u deva .plz call me back so that I can meet u on all Thursdays.

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