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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sri Shirdi Sathguru Sainath Charitable Trust & Temple -Kelambakkam- Chennai.

Author Manisha.Rautela.Bisht on 6:01 AM

Sri Shirdi Sathguru Sainath Charitable Trust & Temple -Kelambakkam- Chennai.

Dear all,
Happy Baba's day 
Today I am sharing complete details of Sri Shirdi Sathaguru Sainath Charitable Trust and Temple -Kelambakkam  in Chennai .

Baba's blessing is felt by devotees visiting the temple and many incidents has been witnessed by the devotees with their own eyes.The full detail of the temple right from its inception untill its construction has been uploaded here. Some of the photos are shared here and for remainders, links have been given. Devotees can click on those link and view more pictures of various activities and events held in Sai Baba Temple -Kelambakkam.

I would like to thank Sai Sridhar ji who has provided all the details and is relentlessly adding further details of temples whenever he visits the temple.The details provided here are collective contribution of Sai Sridhar ji and Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Kelambakkam Temple authority . Thanks to all.Keep visiting as many more temple details are going to be published everyday .Jai Sai Ram.

Dear Sairam,
Let me first appreciate your work of letting everyone know about Shirdi SaiBaba Temple globally.

I would like to publish our temple " Sri Shirdi Saibaba temple at Kelambakkam, Chennai"details on your website
It will help all devotees to come and take Baba blessing near and globally.Sairam.

Temple History:-

It was really a very big miracle in the temple's history.

With Baba's Grace, Shri.Aacharya SenthilKumar, he is the one who constructed the temple and established(Sathguru Saibaba Charitable Trust). One fine evening On June 2003 he was doing BABA'S Evening Aarthi at Injambakkam Baba temple, Chennai (8KM away from Kelambakkam Baba Temple) until that time Sathguru Saibaba Temple Kelambakkam was not being identified/constructed. As he was working as FULL TIME Pandit at Injambakkam Baba Temple.

On that day while he was doing evening Aarthi, Shirdi Saibaba, Upasani Maharaj literally came to the temple( that can be visualised only by Shri.Aarcharya SenthilKumar) and during Baba's Aarthi he was tapped by SaiBaba and Baba ordered Shri.Aacharya SenthilKumar to start constructing Sai Baba Temple on his own and also ORDERED him to construct 36 temples across the globe.

Devotees in the temple did not understand what happened to Shri.Aacharya SenthilKumar and why the Aarthi plate got fell down?

He got trembled.

The same day at  night Shri.Aacharya Senthilkumar in his dream, he dreamt as if he has found the temple place which was situated South East direction and the place name ends with "PAKKAM".

In real Baba gave the right place by right people and at right time (Kelambakkam) and it happened with in Months time.

Sathguru Saibaba Temple, Kelambakkam BHOOMI POOJA was conducted on 7th,November,2003 and Kumbabhishegam happened on 7th, November 2004.

New Dhuni.

Sathguru Saibaba Charitable Trust is successfully running by BABA, So far 16 BABA temple constructions/kumabhishegam has been completed inclusive of Shri Bolo Saibaba temple,Pondicherry.(The details of this shall follow in coming up post ).

Till this time only by Shirdi Sai Baba's support all the temple constructions completed and Baba's giving blessing to all his devotees.

Also Baba's goodwill every year about 50 students are studying through the aid of Sathguru Saibaba Charitable Trust.

Below I am giving links to view more photos of Baba's Partima ,Bhoomi Poojan,New Simhasan(Throne) .

Photo's of Shirdi Sai Baba Pratima :

Snaps of Sai Baba marble pratima at Sri Shirdi Sathguru Sainath Charitable Trust &Temple, Renukambal Nagar, Kelambakkam, Chennai-603103.

Panchamukhi Vinaya pratima is also installed in the temple along with Shirdi Sai Baba.

Click Here to see set of 11 Snaps of Sai Baba with different Alankaram

Bhoomi Poojan :

Here are complete set of snaps taken during the Bhoomi puja ceremony at Sri Shirdi Sathguru Sainath Charitable Trust & Temple, Renukambal Nagar, Kelambakkam, Chennai-603103.

Bhoomi puja, navagraha homam was conducted & temple construction work started after the completion of Puja.

To view all the 51 photo of Bhoomi poojan click Here.

New Simhansan(Throne) of Shirdi Sai Baba:

New Simhansan and crown at the Shirdi Sai Baba temple Kelambakkam-Click Here to see set of 25 Snaps .

New Year 2011 Pictures:

Temple Timings:

Morning 06:00 am - 01:30 pm

Noon 04:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Full day Dharsan on Thursdays and Sundays

Aarthi Timings<

Morning 06:00 am

Noon 12:00 pm

Evening 06:00 pm

Night 08:30 p.m

Calendar of Events:

July 17, Thursday - Guru Purnima
July 20, Sunday - Eye Camp
October 9, Thursday - Vijayadasami, Baba Mahasamathi Day
November 7, Friday - Temple 5th Anniversary
* Every month full moon day Annadhanam at Thiruvanamalai

Temple Services:

1. Annadhanam

2. Education help for the needy - Fees and Uniform

3. Eye Camps

4. Free laminated SAINATH photos, Sathsarith and Aarthi books for the devotees

5. Project Green Forest - Planting of tree saplings

Temple Address:

Sri Shirdi Sathguru Sainath Charitable Trust &Temple

Renukambal Nagar



Phone No:



Here are more links to view many more pictures of Sathguru Sai Baba Temple:

Also attached temple photos herewith.
More information about temple can be found at :-
Thanks for your prompt response.

Pigeon getting Moksha at Sai Baba's Feet. Kelambakkam Sai Temple, Chennai

Aum Sai Ram,
This set of snaps shows a pigeon getting Moksha at Sai Baba's Feet.

It is told that this Pigeon was making rounds around the Sai Baba temple for quite some time. It was spotted before some days by the locals as well as members of the Sai Temple. Pigeons are rare to spot at chennai. The only birds that can be spotted around chennai are Crows, Eagles, Sparrows & Vultures.
It was rare & Sai devotees thought that it is a leela of Baba to send a Pigeon at this temple. After few days it was seen inside the temple on the chandelier. It stayed there till all the rituals were completed. Then it flew down to Baba's feet & left this world.

This Pigeon had indeed got blessings from Baba that it got Moksha at the Feet of Sai Baba. Though the death of Pigeon was rather disturbing, the members of the temple decided to give a proper last ritual to the Pigeon. Pigeon was kept on a Baba's cloth & covered with Jasmine flowers. Later on the rituals were performed & the temple was sanitised & opened back to Sai Devotees.

Sai Devotees Experience:

Mentioned below are the experience by devotees about the temple.

Bow to Shri Sai Peace be to all

 Here is another story such story of Chellappa Mudaliyar’s devotion and the greatness of Dhuni Vrata Pooja.

Chellappa Mudaliyar’s eldest daughter Selva Poongodai married to Veeramani for 18 years was childless. The depressed couple underwent various mental tortures. Chellappa Mudaliyar visited Kelambakkam Baba temple and prayed with all his devotion and met Acharya on 11.01.07. Acharya suggested him to perform the Dhuni Pooja and start the Dhuni Vrata Pooja. Chellappa devotedly did the vrata for 9 full weeks and on the day of completion visited the temple again along with his daughter and son in law. Wonders of wonders Selva Poongodai was blessed with a baby boy on 06.01.08 who was named Selva Sai Ram.

Chellappa Mudaliyar’s joy knew no boundaries. With the blessings of Baba and with the guidance Acharya, he did the Boomi Pooja for the construction of a Baba temple at Pondicherry on 09.02.09.

M. Veeramani Selva Poongodai

Mariamma Koil Street

Uruvaiyaru, Mangalam (P.O)

I wanted 2 children:
I Lavanya Selvaraj conceived for the first time on 03.08.08. During my regular check up and scanning done on the 11.12.06, the doctors discovered that my baby had died 2 days before. I was completely shattered and lost all my faith in god. All the doctors and my relatives confirmed that I would never have children any more. Then one of our known friends Devi, instilled confidence in me that Sai Baba who is the Saviour of Kali Yuga would surely bless me with a child. She took me to Sai Baba temple at Kelambakkam where I performed the Dhuni Pooja.

My husband and I visited the doctors again who said it would take a Lakh rupees every month to treat me to conceive. Lakh rupees every month was an unimaginable amount as we were middle class family. We continued with our prayers with Lord Sai and asked him to bless us with 2 children. I was confirmed pregnant in the month when Baba attained his Maha Samadhi. On scanning we discovered that it could be twins. I started getting labor pangs from the 7th day from the day of Seemandham which is performed in the 7th month of pregnancy. Doctors mentioned that it wouldn’t be safe to deliver before the completion of the 8th month. I was hospitalized on 22.04.08 for complete bed rest and attention. It was as if Baba himself manifested in different forms to take care of me. On 31st of May 08 Sai Sangeeth and Sai Santhosh were born weighing 2.5 and 2.6 Kgs each. During the time of crisis Baba acts like a bridge to happiness to all his devotees.

I request the readers of this book to distribute as many books as possible to spread the fame of Baba.

Lavanya Selvaraj

Career upliftment:

I Bala kumar am an interior decorator have been running the business with Modular kitchens and interior designing in the name of Badras Interiors. Some time back a lady cheated me to the extent of 30 lakhs in the name of giving good business. I tried every possible method to get the money back from her. I even approached the police to seek help in getting the money back from her which had no impact. I reached a stage where I couldn’t pay the rent for the facility and my electricity bills which had gone up to Rs.50000/-. Just before my decision to vacate the place, I visited Kelabakkam Sai temple and met Acharya.

Acharya blessed and requested me to do Dhuni Pooja for 9 days and started it the same day. I did the pooja for all 9 days with complete devotion. On the 5th day from the day I started the pooja I went out for a morning walk. On my way, I met one of my good old friends who on seeing my face realized I was in distress. He questioned me on what happened and I narrated the entire story. He immediately offered to lend me Rs.1.5 Lakhs and said go ahead and run your business with confidence and god will bless you. I immediately went back to the temple and told this to Acharya. Acharya advised me to change the name of the firm as Sai Ram Interiors and requested me to continue the business in the same place and blessed me for success. Today I am a successful business man. I am receiving orders more than I can handle. I got back the car I lost. Today I am in a very good status.

My sincerest salutations to Kelambakkam Baba temple.

S. Balakumar

Sairam Interiors

Bajar Road, Madipakkam,

Healing of extra growth near the neck:

My son Gynananand who is 9 months old had an extra growth near his neck. Dr. Devi Kumar referred to Dr. Ramanathan who is a popular doctor practicing in T Nagar. On visiting this doctor he requested us to scan the neck of my son at Sony Scans. The scan report showed that the fibroid was in the size of 3.2 x 3.2 x 2.10 cms. Doctors suggested that surgery would be inevitable. The sight of my little son undergoing a surgery was unimaginable. I was in tears and helpless. My husband’s brother just then visited Kelambakkam Sai Baba temple and did the Dhuni Pooja and gave us the Udhi as Prasad. I applied the udhi on the neck of my son and mixed a pinch of it with milk before feeding him. The fibroid vanished over a period of time. We visited Dr. Devi Kumari again for a second check up and she mentioned that surgery will not be necessary and the extra growth was healed completely.

A life time is too little to narrate all Sai Leelas. Today my son is hale and healthy and is studying in PreKG. Baba is the only Saviour who can bless us with peace, harmony and health.

Sudha Sai Ganesh

Marriage, Healing of cancer and upliftment in life:

I Ganesh am an employed bachelor with a meager salary. My father is a cancer patient who has been ailing. I had been praying for my father’s good health, a compatible life partner and a good career upliftment. I visited Sai Baba temple at Kelambakkam on the 15th of February 06 and mentioned about my state of life to Acharya. He then advised me to do the Dhuni pooja. On the 10th day after doing the Dhuni pooja I received an 80% hike in my salary. In the month of September I got the opportunity to visit Shirdi. On return from Shirdi I got the opportunity to go to the US. From there on Baba did various miracles and fulfilled all my desires and needs. I did the Dhuni Pooja again praying for betterment of my father’s health and gave him the udhi every day. My father was completely healed of cancer. I got transferred from Pondicherry to Chennai and within 7 months of the transfer my salary doubled.

Baba did away with all the obstacles that came in the way of my marriage and blessed me to be married to the lady I met first. If we are destined to experience from our karmas for 10yrs, Baba is the only one who can do away in 10 days. I request all readers to do the Dhuni Vrata Pooja and be blessed by Baba. Every time I get an opportunity I distribute the books as many as possible to spread the fame of our Almighty.

J Ganesh

Tambaram, Chennai
Healing of low back pain

I Sri Priya Gopi, was suffering from low back pain for some time. Despite going to doctors and doing yoga my pain did not subside. It was becoming increasingly difficult to even perform my daily activities because of the pain. On 15th of March 09 I visited Kelambakkam Baba temple. Some time back I had read a book which had narrated the story of a lady who was suffering from knee pain and on reading a book she was healed. I prayed in front of the lord and questioned him with love if he would heal me only if I read his book.

With tears in my eyes I prostrated before and was set to leave. Wonders of wonders when I stepped out of the temple I had no pain in my low back. And the pain never recurred again as well.

Like a fish which takes care of its babies by just looking at it, Baba is the only doctor who can heal us with just his vision.

I pray for everybody to be blessed by Baba.

Sri Priya Gopi

Contributed:Sai Sridhar &

Temple authority Kelambakkam.


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